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New Collection Retna in México Oaxaca
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Brimstone by Retna, 2018

Mix media on craft paper

Los Angeles,  Oaxaca Mexico

Reine Consignments 


Los Angeles-based artist RETNA accesses spaces between text-based imagery and abstract emotive states with his mysterious lines of verse. Each block of text is a sophisticated system of hieroglyphs, calligraphy, and illuminated script.


Constantly striving to find new ways to advance her technique, Gilda takes inspiration from moments in her life; bringing beauty combined and thought to live on her canvases. Her art, described as an original expressionist style with a mix of pop art, has attracted the attention of renowned art collectors around the world.

Gilda Garza 

Special Collection, 2017-2020 

Mix Media on Canvas 

San Diego, Sinaloa Mexico

Reine Consignments.


His art deals with the front of pop culture references. His creations update our saturated society with media and pop references, which he takes and interprets with his own universe. Fashion, music, skateboard, a freestyle mind and other expressions found in the streets are the elements which build his style

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