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Brimstone by Retna, 2018

Mix media on craft paper

Los Angeles,  Oaxaca Mexico

Reine Consignments 


Los Angeles-based artist RETNA accesses spaces between text-based imagery and abstract emotive states with his mysterious lines of verse. Each block of text is a sophisticated system of hieroglyphs, calligraphy, and illuminated script.


Constantly striving to find new ways to advance her technique, Gilda takes inspiration from moments in her life; bringing beauty combined and thought to live on her canvases. Her art, described as an original expressionist style with a mix of pop art, has attracted the attention of renowned art collectors around the world.

Gilda Garza 

Special Collection, 2017-2020 

Mix Media on Canvas 

San Diego, Sinaloa Mexico

Reine Consignments.