Orlinski Interview x Reine Gallery

  1. Tell us something about yourself. (What’s your artistic name? Where and what did you study? Why did you become interested in art?)

I studied just a few months in an art school, it was the “INCEA”, but I stopped because it was not okay with all the teachers and all what they wanted to teached you, so I did it by myself after. 

  1. What’s your oldest memory of art?

    I think it was in a museum when I was a kid, my dad took me to museum the “Luvre” to see La Gioconda from Leonardo Da Vinci.
  1. Which or who are your influences?
    I think I don’t have influences but we can say I’m a big fan of Andy Warhol.  
  1. What happened in 2004 that convinced you to fully dedicate yourself to art?

    I feel really bad, I wanted to changed and I think that I always wanted to be an artist, to be involved in art, and it was complicated before, because you are not always sure how to do it, how to sell, how to be, you know its not sure is like a risk that you have to take so, I took it because I was really boring, and I had a business and I don’t feel comfortable on that space, so  I realized that we live only once so I decided to do something that I love and that’s it.  
  1. What was the inspiration behind Wild Kong? What is the significance or symbolism of the gorilla for you?

The inspiration is, first of all the King Kong, you know, like in the movie, this character, you know that is the monster with a big heart, he have good things in his mind but is killed by the human, I think everybody wants to be the king, very strong, so that’s the reason why and also what is interesting about the Kong is that is really close to us, his DNA is close to 99% identical as the human´s and also it can stand like us, so that give you the possibility to tell what you want to say, it can be interpreted in football, in tennis, in music, in cinema, in arts, is like us, you know?

So that’s why I think it is very interesting because it is like us.

  1. Which techniques do you work with? (painting, sculpture, collage, photography, etc)

It depends, I work with so many different techniques, with regular plaster, but right now with molds, casting, we use 3D printers we also use holograms, all the technology you can find in the planes, in the cars, in the boats, so we are always finding new technology cause as a kid I´m always in a hurry and everything is going fast.

So everytime I find something that is faster I just go with the guys who know what is happening. 

  1. Tell us something about the exhibits and expositions you have had and where?
  1. In your opinion, how has art influenced sexuality and vice versa throughout history? In your own work, how has the contemporary sexual revolution influenced your work?

    First, I´m not sure that sexual revolution influences directly my work, you know I make art  for everybody, an also for kids, maybe three years, four years old, so I like when you have a straight emotion, a direct emotion cause is really easy to understand so is just a matter of feeling.

    I´m mainstream, popular, I have too many followers in my country and other countries and I love to share with everybody.  
  1. Why do you think art is important for the world?

    It is important for the world because without art there is nothing, art you know is about love, about sharing with people, I think art is much more of what you see and only few people see, because art is everywhere, even a football player is an artist in the way he play, so for me art is everywhere and we are all artists so we can not tell who is an artist and which art is good or not, independent of what we want and we need, and also art can be a brand, the collaborations with artists, why? Cause is how art it creates.

    So we need to keep sharing with people. That’s why I also started selling my art for a very affordable price also, because I want that everybody can have a piece of art of me and I have been very criticized for that but I don´t care, I have millions of people who love what I do and I´m happy for my collaborations even with Disney and the characters I created, so I don´t care about haters I care of the people who is there and care about this creations, that what is important for me.

Did the quarantine provide you a time to create?

For me pandemic time is like every time because I work in it everyday we made a lot of Instagram Live  in the last locked down, I made in total 55 Instagram Live´s, so I share things and I don’t invite only starts or famous people, I liked to invite everybody so we can create a community and all this community they share knowledge each other and it was very interesting and is one part of my work and also I evolving in music so I create a new song and I create also my one man show and a book, so there was alway time to create more and more.

No rest, just working.

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