Compromise 750 mg , 2020 by Mojo

Compromise 750 mg , 2020 by Mojo


Compromise 750 mg , 2020 by Mojo

Contemporary Sculpture



Mixed Media

(Aluminum, Acrylic, Wood)

Edition of 3 + 2 A/P


$2000 USD / $ 40,000 MXN

Available: 1 of 3




Mojo makes the "Blister" Commitment based on affective relationships.

The relationship implies commitment to oneself, where the person

honors the established limits necessary for the healthy experience of

said agreement.


The blister is inspired by all those moments in which a reinforcement is necessary to reaffirm the commitment to the person, situation or circumstance.


Who should take the pill, the person who is committed or the committed? Is it a vitamin, or a cure for lack of ... commitment?

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