Panda by Domingo Zapata

Panda by Domingo Zapata


Panda by Domingo Zapata 


Acrylic on Canvas,



Zapata has been referred to as the "next Andy Warhol" for both his pop art sensibilities and his celebrity lifestyle. He has also been described as a neo-expressionist because of his use of bright colors and his "visceral," "graffiti-like" painting method. Zapata has noted that he uses color to evoke and represent emotion (usually happiness).


Many of his works explore thematic elements such as "sexuality, opulence, and vitality" often incorporating text into the artwork. Zapata often creates different series based on a single theme. These include his Poloseries, Matador series, Ten series (portraits of "iconic" women), Mona Lisa series, Panda series, and others.



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