Vanessa Hudgens “Come Back to Me” music video wardrobe fitting Polaroid NFT

Vanessa Hudgens “Come Back to Me” music video wardrobe fitting Polaroid NFT


Vanessa Hudgens – “Come Back to Me” music video wardrobe fitting Polaroid JPG NFT, Studio City, 2006


"We had Vanessa’s wardrobe fitting at a hotel by all the television studios that was surprisingly upscale for its location. I thought maybe it was just for celebrity wardrobe fittings? This was for Vanessa’s first music video solo after High School Musical, still under the watchful eye of Disney. In the black dress option you can see the long shorts required under Disney’s Dress Code."- Chris Applebaum




Never before seen: This NFT includes 32 Polaroid photo JPGs in Unlockable Content.


Collection Description


I started taking Polaroids of Wardrobe Fittings because I always loved what the Stylists’ Assistant would take for reference & loved the tactile one-of-a-kind nature. Some of my favorite photographers are classic rock photographers (Jim Marshall, Neil Preston, Henry Diltz) who were technically pretty good, but cemented my admiration by capturing seminal moments in history. They had access, and I always wondered how they could make rock stars feel so comfortable – what it takes to capture a moment that’s more of a feeling, more of a piece of history than merely a photograph. Without knowing it, as I shot these Polaroids throughout the 2000’s, I was also capturing a special moment. I was right in the matrix of the Pop world and each of these Polaroids were from music videos (or Carl’s Jr commercials) that were on tv every single day. Music videos played more at this time than any other in history, and while I was too busy at the time to truly let it sink in, mine were front-center. I think the only weight I threw around was with buying Polaroid film. I’d regularly have assistants call me from Samy’s Camera to ask, “did you know 10 packs of Polaroid 600 cost (THIS MUCH)? I didn’t care. I was a little megalomaniacal about it. Any over-exposed Polaroid would go in the trash as I only kept the best ones. Any blurry photos in this collection are intentional, as I found something evocative within it, and chose to keep it. 


With the following collection, what I hope is to send you back to the Glory Days of Music Video and Pop Culture in the 2000’s, something that hopefully resembles a feeling more than the imagery itself. Of course, there are stories that go along with each set, which I’d add as color to the descriptions. You can also peel back the layer and get a window into the process as we settle into the final looks for each piece. 


This collection of Polaroid photos are original 1 of 1, taken at wardrobe fittings for commercials and music videos. None of these are staged and few picture the artists/celebrities in full Hair and Make Up. Because of the intimate, un-staged setting, they provide a candid, authentic depiction of each subject that is rarely – if ever – seen. *- Chris Applebaum*


Provenance for all: Chris Applebaum


Reine Gallery Collection Description


This unique drop allows for us to present Polaroids as NFTs. More importantly, it allows for us to merge the physical and traditional with digital and innovation. 


Ultimately, this NFT collection gives us a candid and dreamlike prequel view into the top celebrity fittings that lead to iconic pop culture moments and music videos of the Glory Days of the 2000s. 


Come relive the early days of today's icons through this collection presented by world-famous director and photographer, Chris Applebaum in collaboration with Reine Gallery. - *Sway Gaytan, Reine Gallery curator*


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