Dance, Dance, Dance. by Ricardo Luevanos


Ricardo Luevanos

Dance, Dance, Dance., 2021

Mixed Media (Archival Pigment printing with natural pigments on acid-free 100% cotton paper plus acrylic paste with matte texturizer)

Shadow box frame with automotive paint finish to match painting. Pink borders on inside of frame.

Special Transmedia Intervention with Augmented Reality with co-authoship of Synergy Studio

80cm x 80cm x 8 cm

Edition of 1

Playboy Mexico Art Book Collection

Guadalajara, Mexico

$7,000 USD Original + Shipping

Exclusively at Reine Gallery.


Reine Text: 

Guadalajara’s Ricardo Luevanos is known to explore the human experience through his use of animals and nature with a combination of digital and traditional art mediums. In Dance, Dance, Dance Luevanos unveils an extended dimension by amplifying his work through augmented reality. The AR element is a collaboration with Synergy Studio.

-Sway Gaytan (curator)



Due to the similarities in behavior that exist between animal species and us as humans, my work is generally based on analogies. They are pieces that represent a personal situation, or that I have seen happen in my environment, articulated through different animal species.


This is a piece that shows a crowned crane, dancing. The illustration shows a bird whose gender is not known, it is simply enjoying its life and doing it in a liberated way. This work led me to think about everything that is currently happening in the world, where acceptance for diversity and for understanding about who we really are and how we feel is more and more common along with the shattering of stereotypes and the opening of minds as an increasingly latent society.

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