I dreamed of being a Playboy since I was a kid by Yuliia Korienkova aka Uliia


Yuliia Korienkova aka Uliia

I dreamed of being a Playboy since I was a kid, 2021

Mixed media on canvas (3D printing, collage, resin)

90 x 110 x 9 cm

Edition of 1

Playboy Mexico Art Book Collection

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

$14,000 USD Original + Shipping

Exclusively at Reine Gallery.


Reine Text:

Yuliia Korienkova aka Uliia is fearless in her approach towards art, often working with new mediums and techniques. In I dreamed of being a Playboy since I was a kid, she applies contemporary techniques such as 3D printing, collage, and resin. This canvas is an example of the future through the combination of art, technology, and sensuality. 

-Sway Gaytan (curator)



This work is dedicated to young people who were inspired by Playboy and its lifestyle. 

I’ve been deeply inspired by the way Playboy changed the world in it’s various and so different fields like art, fashion, cinema, lifestyle, relationships etc. Being provocative is an art as well, and where else to learn it if not from Playboy. I wanted to create something that will remind us of its great history.

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