Ixchel by Ariel Vargassal


Ariel Vargassal

Ixchel, 2021

Acrylic on canvas, stretched canvas

121.92 x 121.92 cm 

Edition of 1

Playboy Mexico Art Book Collection

Los Angeles, CA, USA

$17,000 USD Original + Shipping

Exclusively at Reine Gallery.


Reine Text: 

In this work, Ixchel carefully balances the rabbit and the fruit, painting an elegant picture of of fertility, sexuality and femininity. Ariel Vargassal represents the Mayan Moon goddess in a style that seamlessly blends his fine signature style with Playboy Mexico’s iconic sensuality.  

Sway Gaytan (curator)

Artist Text:

The goddess of the moon, was one of the most important deities of the Mayan culture.  Among her gifts were the moon circles of water, fertility, agriculture, pregnancy, birth, love and sexuality.  She was also the patron of textiles, painting, arts and medicine. The Mayans depicted her with a rabbit -there is a legend about a rabbit on the moon- and a dragon fruit flower. My intention of my own perspective of Ixchel is to bring all the aspects of the mythology with a more contemporary view point. In this version, I decided to paint the fruit instead of the flower as a symbol of harvest and bringing the traditional representation of the rabbit as fertility, but painting Ixchel with the beauty of the female body as a symbol of sexuality, connecting the bridge between my style and the one of Playboy.

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