The Queen by Will McNally


Will McNally

The Queen, 2021

Acrylic on canvas, 

85 x 65 x 4 cm unframed

90 x 70 x 6 cm, framed

Edition of 1

Playboy Mexico Art Book Collection

London, England

$16,400 USD Original + Shipping

Exclusively at Reine Gallery.


Reine Text:

WIll McNally is a London based artist known for his superb figurative technique and captivating works. In The Queen, McNally presents a mostly black and white, realistic Queen of England donning a pair of Playboy Bunny ears. This work features neon colored highlights, a signature in McNally’s works.

-Sway Gaytan (curator)



I’ve based my painting on the Queen of England. Being a woman of power and her determination through good and bad I wanted to put a spin on our queen which I think will be symbolic in times to come

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