Twelve Headed Beast by Geneva Jacuzzi


Geneva Jacuzzi

Twelve Headed Beast, 2021

Mixed media collage

27.94 x 35.56 cm

Edition of 1

Playboy Mexico Art Book Collection

Los Angeles, CA, USA

$5,000 USD Original + Shipping 

Exclusively at Reine Gallery.


Reine Text:

Twelve Headed Beast by Geneva Jacuzzi is one of two pieces for this collection by the LA based cult favorite artist. In this dual toned work, Geneva borrows elements from recognized works. images, and symbols. By  layering through collage, Jacuzzi constructs her own version of a beast. This dreamlike creation demonstrates, that with the right elements, even a “beast”has the capacity to be breathtakingly dreamlike. 

-Sway Gaytan (curator)



These photographs are the first nudes of me that exist on the planet. I’ve never exposed my body before… Never had a reason to. Up until now. I’ve always been rather shy when it comes to my body. I’m very private. When I do shows, I surround myself with props and dancers and sculptures… because I like to hide. But it’s not really hiding, it’s more like an expansion of oneself beyond the body. I become the room or the space around me.  For these series of portraits, I’m still hiding, I suppose. Behind paint and plastic and color… but that is the real me and I think it’s beautiful. The collages are stream of conscious. Haha, I kept thinking “Sex” “Playboy” while ripping through old art books and this is what happened. Collaging is a lot like dreaming. 

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